Northcountry - Newberry Area Fall Color Report

October 5, 2016

Current Fall Color Is Peak

The colors are at about 60% now! There are some brilliant reds, radiant yellows and mixture of oranges, yellow and reds fighting to take the lead and catch your eye. The weather is cool during the night and sweat shirt worthy during the day. It is a perfect time to arise early and watch the sunrise and see the dew dance off of the leaves. The afternoons beckon a small fire and a camp chair to see the sun radiate through the tress while a calm breeze makes the leaves sparkle. Consider getting away from the hustle and bustle of life for a while and come enjoy what nature has to offer in the UP of Pure Michigan. Let time stand still and enjoy relaxing days where the worries of the every day grind can be left behind for a moment in time. Whether you plan on visiting the Falls and viewing them from the gorge point of view with the awesome back drop of the colors or take in the surreal beauty of Lake Superior, Crisp Point Lighthouse, Seney Wildlife Refuge, or the Mouth of the Two Hearted keep us in mind as your destination..

Fall Report via Kritter’s Northcountry Campground & Cabins


(A lot of people always ask, what determines when color changes. The early fall weather conditions are one of the factors. We need sunny days and cool nights for brilliant colors. And of course, when we start having less daylight hours, that promotes the changes too. With shorter daylight hours, the trees will be producing less chlorophyll.)

The following are some suggested rides through our neck of the woods...take a trip up to Crisp Point Lighthouse. You can get there via CR500 to CR412. Just follow the signs. You'll drive through all types of trees; hardwoods and pines. Some guests have sighted bears and one even reported seeing a moose on their trip to Crisp Point. Get yourself a Luce Co. map and be adventuresome...take some of those other County Roads or two tracks.

It is always an excellent trip from Newberry to Whitefish Point via M-123. Make sure you include a stop at the Upper and Lower Tahquamenon Falls. Colors along this stretch of highway can be pretty impressive. (And CR 500 to get to Crisp Point is off from M-123). About 10 miles N. of Newberry on M-123 is a dirt road called Skyline Dr. A very pretty stretch of road in the fall. It's one of those roads that you turn around eventually and head back out the way you came.

CR 402 (aka Folley Hill Rd) is another road you'd enjoy. It offers some very scenic vistas at the top of the hills on this road. This road is just south of the State Police Post about 2 miles. It is off from M-123.

As I have said in other years, get a Luce Co. map and take some of the side roads. You could be surprised at what you see! Another suggestion is to call the Luce Co. airport at 906-293-2926 and book a flight over the Tahquamenon Falls and Crisp Point. You really haven't experienced the blues of Lake Superior and the wonderful colors of autumn in our area until you've flown over Crisp Point!

In the meantime, if you are going to be looking for lodging accommodations, you can check out or

Report Courtesy of Northcountry Campground & Cabins

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